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  �How To Make Your Meeting Motivational, Entertaining, Inspirational, And Fun - Guaranteed�

          Creating motivational and inspiring meetings is a difficult job. How do you keep everyone attentive, alert, and receptive to your message? It isn�t easy. The fact is that most people are sick and tired of going to the same old hum drum meetings. They want something else and if you don�t give it to them, they will tune you out. 

          I can help you. My name is Fred Becker. I�m a professional speaker and entertainer whose clients include Philips Electronic, Bank of America, Exxon, US Steel, Disney, Dial, Heinz, Reese Candy and many others. I have entertained at Resorts, Casinos, the famous Magic Castle, for celebrities and on more than 30 cruise ships.

Education + Entertainment = Successful Meetings

During my presentation, "the Magic Circle," I utilize audience involvement, dynamic magic, and amazing mind-reading as �visual aids� to illustrate a proven success System. By combining education to teach with entertainment to inspire you get an enjoyable program that has lasting impact, makes your group sit up and take notice, and refreshes them so they are more receptive to your agenda.  

Available At Last: A No Nonsense 5 Step System That Will Help Inspire Your Attendees and Motivate them to Care!  

          During my 60 minute �Magic Circle!� presentation, you and your group will discover secrets and systems that magicians use to solve problems to reach the unattainable and achieve their goals. Armed with this strategy you will be able to achieve your goals faster than you can imagine. 

          Check out a sampling of the exciting things you will discover during my fun and entertaining �Magic Circle� presentation:  

       Dealing with Stress in positive ways

        Reach your goals no matter how impossible or far away it seems.    

        Unleashing your Attitude of Achievement  

        The ultimate success secret; the MAGIC Circle

        A secret technique that�ll help you get results faster than ever before  

        How you can be a �magician� for amazing results in your work place and personal life.    

        Much more!

          This System is based on fundamental core principles of success and problem solving strategies that professional magicians use to overcome the seemingly impossible. 



YES!, You Can Have An Amazing Meeting  

You and your group will be on the edge of your seats as each of the �Magic Circle!� core principles are illustrated with eye-popping demonstrations of magic and mind-reading.  

Remember, that these entertaining demonstrations reinforce the success strategies revealed in the presentation. This helps your people remember the strategies, use them, and get measurable results.






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